ABWA La Luz Chapter

Albuquerque, New Mexico

La Luz welcomes a guest speaker to the majority of our monthly dinner meetings. Here you will find listed our recent and upcoming speakers. As you can see, our speakers cover a variety of business relevant topics.​

We are Proud to Introduce You

to Our September Speaker:

Lori Long

Lori is a project manager, technical writer and editor, and instructional designer with more than 25 years of experience. She has also spent the last 17 years as a patient advocate in both volunteer and paid positions with a focus on personal advocacy. Her experience spans for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Her foundational work has been in team building and professional development for her staff and teammates. Her conflict management experience spans simple, easy situations and complex, high-pressure situations. She enjoys being a lifelong learner and helping others continue to learn throughout life.

Speaker: Lori Long

Our Topic is:

Conflict Management: After Conflict

As a follow-on to Conflict Management: BC (Before Conflict) and Conflict Management: DC (During Conflict), Lori will present the final episode of Conflict Management: AC (After Conflict). Conflict is part of life, but not all conflict is bad. This discussion will focus on managing conflict after it occurs to enhance learning and group outcomes, whether it’s a work team or your family! The idea is to benefit from the positive aspects of conflict and to minimize the negative aspects of it. We will quickly review the content from the first two presentations for those who were not able to attend.